Black Cat’s New Collaborative Web Portals

For just over a month, our team has been hard at work planning and designing a new platform that we believe will greatly benefit our community. While the process has been tedious, we’re pleased with the progress we’ve made thus far and excited about what’s to come.
We have a couple of big surprises that have yet to be revealed, but right now, we’d like to share some of the collaborative tools we’ve incorporated into our platform and they can all be found under the ‘Learn’ tab in the top menu.

Virtual Whiteboards

One of the most valuable collaborative tools we’ve integrated is virtual whiteboards. Virtual whiteboards allow teams to brainstorm, visualize concepts, and share ideas in real-time, regardless of their location. They are also a great tool for visual learners, like myself, as they help illustrate complex ideas.

Text Pads

Collaborative text drafting is another fun feature that we’ve made available across our web portals. Build your documents together with a shared link. Everyone can work various pieces of the overall structure of the statement.

Community Taught Courses

We believe that a community is only as strong as its members’ knowledge and expertise. Therefore, we’ve included the ability for users to generate their own courses to teach others. Whether it’s an educational institution or a professional organization, user-generated courses can help the community leverage the knowledge and experience of its members.

We’ve designed our platform with collaborative tools that we believe will benefit our community greatly. We want real-time efficient communication for everyone learning together. We’re excited about the potential for our platform and look forward to continuing to enhance our tools in the future.

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